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Livermore Valley Wine Country

Planning your next trip to San Francisco? Located only 30 miles east of San Francisco is the breathtaking Livermore Valley Wine Country, which is currently home to over 50 wineries. Livermore Valley Wine Country’s history is impressively rich as it dates back to the 1840s when Robert Livermore planted the first wine grapes in Livermore Valley. While sipping on exquisite wines and embracing the picturesque canyons, it will feel as though you are back in the golden years of California wine history. 

Be sure to check out the event calendar, which lists a variety of entertaining and relaxing events. We recommend attending Wine Wednesday & Winery of the Week! This event takes place every Wednesday from 5-8 pm and is hosted by one Livermore Valley Winery. This is the perfect event for visitors to get a more personal feel of the different wineries and the area. Also, for locals to take a break and wine down from their busy work week! Everyone is welcome to participate in the fun, as #KeepWineAlive offers virtual tasting sessions so no one is left out. 

To read more about Livermore Valley Wine Country and the phenomenal events they have to offer, head to their website Livermore Valley Wine 

Northern California

Amador Vintners Association

If you are looking for small family business wineries, we recommend Amador Vinters Amador County Wine.

If you are looking for small family business wineries, we recommend Amador Vinters Amador County Wine. Located only two hours north of San Francisco, is the city of Plymouth, which is home to Amador Vinters Amador County Wine’s 40+ small family-owned wineries. They offer a calendar full of events that include, but are not limited to taco trucks, pasta trucks, live music, virtual tastings, etc. Every month, this calendar of events changes, so be sure to check it out before you book your visit. 

To read more about the 40+ different wineries in Amador County and the different types of events offered, head on over to their website Amador Wine

Calaveras Winegrape Alliance

Have you been dreaming about taking your next wine county road trip? Whether you are interested in learning more about growing grapes, owning your own winery, retail business, tourism, and much more, Calaveras County is the place for you! There is an endless amount of reasons why you should become a member of the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance. The alliance was established in 1989 and it is a community of family owned and operated wineries and vineyard owners. 

Calaveras Winegrape Alliance is located in Calaveras Wine Country in the heart of California’s Sierra Foothills. Calaveras Winegrape Alliance has 35+ family-run tasting rooms which serve hand-crafted wines and unique varietals. Their wines are crafted in small batches and are family run businesses dedicated to being sustainable. The membership fees vary depending on the option you decide upon. To be an associate member, it is only $35 per individual or $50 for a couple. However, if you would like to be a winery member, it is $1000 which includes wineries with one tasting room outlet. If you would like for a winery with two+ tasting room outlets, it is $1500. There are a few options in between these two levels, but whatever you choose, we are sure you will be more than happy with your selection.

While you are here, don’t forget to visit the vineyards, the historic downtowns, snow sports, outdoor concerts, and much more! 

To read more about Calaveras Winegrape Allaince, visit their website Calaveras Wines 

Lake County Winegrape Growers

Are you in the market to purchase wine grapes or bulk wine? Lake County Winegrape Growers is the answer you have been looking for! They offer a long list of grapes for sale on the Grape Marketplace tab on their website. You have the option to select from 2020 and 2021 vintage grapes while at the same time learning more about the product. 

Come and discover the beautiful bounty of Lake County’s agriculturally rich valley. The Lake county vineyards have a rich history as the first vineyard was planted in the 1870s. By 1900 Lake County wines were known for winning awards in competitions internationally and were establishing a reputation for crafting some of the best wines in the world. Unfortunately, during the prohibition era, there was an end to Lake County’s wine production until the recent emergence of the wine industry in the 1960s. In 1965, there were fewer than 100 acres of vineyards, and today it has almost 10,000 acres and is expected to double in a few years. Currently, Lake County Wines has over 30 wineries and several of these wineries own vineyards locally. Lake County Winegrape Commission (LCWC) was established in 1991 and has been crucial in developing the region’s tireless commitment to farming high-quality wine grapes. 

To learn more about Lake County Winegrape Growers, visit their website at  Lake County Winegrape Growers

Santa Maria Valley Wine Trail

Searching for your next getaway? We recommend Santa Maria Valley Wine Trail, with 34 tasting rooms only a 30-minute drive from 15 beautiful beaches, it does not get more perfect than this. All you have to do is eat, drink, and do more for less. How easy is that?

Similar to their famous barbeques, their recipe for life is a simple character, soul, and a small touch of spice. There is “so much to do from here” #SantaMariaStyle! No more looking for sand dunes, hiking trails, horseback riding, authentic dining, and cycling- Santa Maria Valley Wine Trail has you covered all in their backyard. Don’t worry about your pocketbook, they treat their guests like family, so your money will go further here.

To learn more about Santa Maria Valley Wine Trail, visit their website at Santa Maria Valley Wine Trail


Napa Valley Grapegrowers

California is known for being the wine country of the United States. Just a little over an hour north of San Francisco is Napa wine country. Napa Valley Grapegrowers (NVG) is a community of wine industry individuals who are committed to working in the community to improve the heritage and prestige of the Napa Valley appellation.

The NVG represents the majority of vineyards planted in Napa County. They currently consist of over 710 Napa County grape growers, associate businesses, vineyard owners- and are always looking to expand! They are passionate about helping fellow winegrowers produce valued grapes in a sustainable fashion. The NVG’s mission and values are to preserve and promote Napa Valley’s world-class vineyards. This is done by providing educational seminars, services, and events to help growers with any issue that may arise. One exciting event that is taking place over the next few months is the 2021 Business of Vineyards. During this event, you will have the opportunity to learn about Vineyard Lease Agreements, Vineyard Values & Trends, and how to Put Happiness to Work. 

To read more about Napa Valley Grapegrowers and their exciting events, head to their website Napa Valley Grapegrowers.

Napa General Store

Keeping with the true authenticity of beautiful Napa and creating an experience filled with food and memories is what Napa General Store aspires for. 

The owners, Jill and Jim opened Napa General Store over 20 years ago, and treat the store as their second child. Throughout the journey, the two have learned a few lessons, and love to share these old stories and make new ones with their visitors. They have always believed the store could be what it is today: a FUN and memorable place to spend time with your family, friends, and of course pets. 

To read more about the Napa General Store, visit their website at Napa General Store.

Paso Robles

Back Roads Wineries of Paso Robles

Looking to book your next weekend trip getaway? Take a journey through the stunning rolling hills of the Paso Robles countryside. While you are there, you will discover some of the most thrilling wineries of the California Central Coast. Choose from a variety of wineries, olive farms, dining, bed & breakfast. Don’t forget to share in this unique and intimate experience of wine tasting at the family-owned wineries of Back Roads Wineries of Paso Robles. If you are lucky enough, you will have the opportunity to share a wine with the winemaker or owner.

One of the best parts besides the wineries is the many activities and events they have to offer. Some of our favorite activity options are the central coast trail rides and the olive oil tastings! The central coast trail ride is a daily guided horseback riding experience. This is a customizable hour to a half-day riding experience that you will never forget! 

As for the olive oil tastings, they love to share their fresh award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which you can enjoy at one of their Tuscan-inspired olive oil tastings. 

To read more about the different wineries and events that Black Roads Wineries of Paso Robles has to offer, visit their website Back Roads Wineries of Paso Robles

Paso Robles Downtown Wineries

Come taste the diversity at Paso Robles Downtown Wineries. Located in the downtown of charming and historic Paso Robles, it is home to more than 20 tasting rooms and represents more than 200 different types of wine. They offer award-winning wineries, small production, and boutiques from their area’s finest wine producers.

One event that Paso Robles offers that you don’t want to miss is their Downtown Drive-thru every Thursday from 4-7 pm! It is so easy to support your favorite small local businesses by calling in a food order and grabbing a bottle of your favorite wine! All you have to do is hop in your car and drive down downtown Paso Robles. There is no better time as curbside pick-ups end at the end of May. 

To read more about Paso Robles Downtown Wineries, head to their website Paso Robles Downtown Wineries.


Alexander Valley Winegrowers

Looking for wineries to visit on your next trip to Sonoma? We recommend Alexander Valley Winegrowers Sonoma County. Rich varietals, rich with history.

Alexander Valley Winegrowers was established in 1975 and is a family-owned and operated winery located in Sonoma’s Alexender Valley. 

Their vision is “is a community of winegrowers and winemakers sharing generations of family, history, and traditions dedicated to world-class winegrowing in the Alexander Valley.” There are two options for wine tasting, estate or reserve daily. Estate tasting is only $10 per person and reserve tasting is $20 per person. However, if you are a club member, it is complimentary for up to 6 people. For both tasting options, you can enjoy your choice of four wines outdoors on the Tasting Room Porch. Even if you are not in Sonoma, there are weekly one-hour virtual tasting sessions with winemakers, local chefs, and wine specialists. 

To read more about Alexander Valley Winegrowers and the different wine tasting options, visit their website Alexander Valley

Sonoma County Grape Growers Association

Sonoma County is a diverse dreamland of wine, unbelievable views, and welcoming hospitality.

It is a community with 425 wineries, which offers over 66 wine varietals and where over 1,800 winegrowers call home. There are sixty thousand acres, and of this amount of acres, 99% of these vineyard acres are certified as sustainable. The county is always looking at how it can tackle climate change. 

To read more about Sonoma County, and the amazing things the community has done, visit their website at Sonoma Wine Grape

Sonoma County Vintners

Taste of Sonoma is the best experience Sonoma County has to offer! 

Located between the stunning foothills of Sonoma County’s admired wine country, the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University presents a new and exciting space where Sonoma County’s best winemakers, chefs, and growers will unite to celebrate the greatest wine and food the region has to offer. At this event, you will taste your way through the most incredible flavors of Sonoma County: with more than 200 wineries pouring thousands of wines and 60+ chefs preparing the most perfect pairings. While enjoying all of this deliciousness, you are invited to listen to the backdrop of musical inspiration, seminars and demonstrations which will cover a variety of topics from techniques to tips and trips, and much more! 

To read more about Sonoma County Vintners and how you can be a part of Taste of Sonoma, visit their website at Sonoma Wine

Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Alliance

The Roots of Sonoma Valley run deep! Today, visitors can visit wineries that date back to the Gold Rush, immerse in the incredible history of California winemaking, and learn about the region’s true legacy of its revolutionary technique to winemaking that was created and still flourishes. With over 150 growing seasons, Sonoma Valley’s passion and spirit is their family first technique of farming which has been passed down from generation to generation. With every sip you take, your tastebuds will reveal the remarkable stories, history and promising future. 

There are plenty of events to partake in for everyone, even those who are unable to make it! Bring Sonoma Valley to your home by scheduling a virtual tasting, picking up, or ordering wine to go! If you are planning a visit, be sure to check out their calendar, which is always filled with fun and exciting events- such as the comedy fest that is occurring on July 23rd! To read more about Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Alliance and the events they have to offer, visit their website at Sonoma Valley Wine  

Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

Sonoma Valley is simply unforgettable. Located around 45 miles north of San Francisco, it has a rich historical legacy, is home to California’s beginnings, and is a leader in sustainable tourism. You will never run out of things to do! 

Whatever your passion is, Sonoma Valley has it all: top vacation rentals, fabulous outdoor dining, arts & culture, cooking, golfing, hiking, biking, shopping, and so much more! Two of our favorite activities are sharing a glass of delicious wine with our beloved friends and family or relaxing poolside at one of Sonoma’s sparkling destination resorts- which include full-service spas! There is always something special for everyone year-round in the magical city of Sonoma. 

To read more about Sonoma and what new and exciting events are occurring, visit their website at Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau.


Alabama Winemakers and Grape Growers Association

Are you an amateur or professional wine enthusiast? Do you enjoy winemaking, grape growing, and learning more about wine? If yes, then we recommend Alabama Winemakers and Grape Growers Association (AWGGA), it is exactly what you have been looking for! For a small due of only $25 a year, you will be a part of this club which is composed of wine lovers and fruit growers. AWGGA has a passion for promoting wine production in the state of Alabama. The best part is that they offer many events which include: winemakers competition, fall workshop, wine tastings, annual conference & banquet, and educational opportunities.

To read more about the events they offer and how to become a member of AWGGA, visit their website at AWGGA.


Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association

Do you love #IllinoisWine? If you love Illinois Wine, you will be a terrific asset to Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association (IGGVA) as they are always on the lookout for passionate advocates to be a member of their Alliance. IGGVA is a non-profit organization committed to growing the viticulture and enology interests of the state of Illinois through the educational exchange and collaboration of Illinois vintners and grape growers. To learn more about what being a member entails, you are encouraged to contact the office at 217-726-8518 or send the alliance an email to for more information. If you are on the fence about joining right away, you can always join the #IllinoisWine list and subscribe to receive fun and informational emails from the Alliance. When you sign up for the #IllinoisWine list, you will receive a complimentary  Illinois Wine & Food Pairing poster download delivered to your email.

The biggest annual event that Illinois wine has is just around the corner, the Illinois State Fair Wine Competition. Who is eligible to enter? The competition invites commercial wineries in the state of Illinois and amateur producers in the region who produce wine and hard cider.  The goal of the competition is to improve upon the quality of wine throughout the state of Illinois. The judges provide comments and suggestions as to how the winemaker can improve on their wine, which is something that is rarely done at wine competitions. 

The Illinois State Fair Wine Competition is not the only event that Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association has to offer. IGGVA offers a community calendar filled with other events to attend. To read more about these events and why you should become a member of the Alliance, visit their website at IGGVA.



Kentucky Wine

Kentucky Wines has a long history of commercial winery as the first one in the United States was founded in 1799 on the banks of the Kentucky River (now modern-day Jessamine County). During the latter half of the 19th century, Kentucky became one of the biggest grape and wine-producing states in the United States. Then in the mid-late 19th century, the Commonwealth’s grapes and wine industry experienced rapid growth and development. Now there are currently over 65 small farm wineries belonging to the Commonwealth. Kentucky’s wine industry today incorporates both history and heritage with a twist of modern wine-making techniques.

Why be Kentucky Proud? Kentucky Proud is free to join and it is the state’s official marketing program for products relating to agriculture. As a member, you are able to seek advice from  Kentucky Department of Agriculture marketing specialists, register for grants, cost-share funds, display the Kentucky Proud logo, and much more, so be sure to take advantage of all of the membership benefits! The membership process is very simple to join, all you have to do is fill out the online application, or print out the application and fax or mail it to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. To receive marketing assistance, message your fellow Kentucky Proud members through social media asking for advice, products, services, inquire about success stories, and share your own story. Also, Kentucky apps can help develop your business, by marking your upcoming events on the Kentucky Proud Event Calendar you will be able to engage with a larger audience. 

To learn more about why you should visit Kentucky Wines and you should be Kentucky Proud, visit their website at Kentucky Wine.


Maryland Wine

Find and explore Maryland by visiting Maryland Wineries! The Maryland Wineries Association (MWA) was founded in 1984 and is a non-profit trade association which represents more than 80 wineries throughout Maryland. The MWA consists of more than 80 members from wineries, and associates throughout the state of Maryland and represents a board of winery owners. Its mission is to educate and promote Maryland’s grape and wine industry in the hopes of expanding it.

There are a variety of self-guided wine trail tours offered, where you will have the opportunity to visit a Maryland winery. Here, you will have the chance to meet the winemakers themselves and hear about the wine process of your favorite bottle. We recommend you spend at least a full day or even a full weekend in this wine country! Your time will be a leisurely escape sipping on the superb wine and enjoying the beautiful vineyards and picturesque scenery. 

To read more about Maryland Wine, head to their website Maryland Wine

New Jersey

Garden State Wine Growers Association

Garden State Wine Growers Association is located in the state of New Jersey. There are over 50 wineries open throughout the state and a number of wineries are planned to be opening during the next few years! 

They offer a variety of trails, where consumers will have the opportunity to visit the different tasting rooms for a weekend full of fun! Almost every day, there is something new and exciting happening on the winery event calendar.

New York

Finger Lakes Wine Alliance

Have you been wanting to be a part of a world-class wine alliance? We recommend Finger Lakes, as they offer over 100 wineries in the region that produce unique and distinct styles of wine. The Finger Lakes is located in central New York and was sculpted by glacial activity 10,000 years ago. They offer world-class wines made by hardworking people and take pride in every detail: people, place, land, and of course their wine.

The first vineyard was planted in 1829 by Reverend William Bostwick’s garden in Hammondsport, New York. The region is known for its production of aromatic whites, Riesling and Gewurztraminer. The most noteworthy vinifera grapes Finger Lakes has to offer includes several French-American, native varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet France. The alliance leaders are dedicated towards moving their wine region forward. 

To learn more about Finger Lakes Wines Alliance and the many wineries they have to offer, visit their website at Finger Lakes Wine Alliance.


Ohio Wine Association

Ohio may seem far away, but no matter where you live, the Ohio Wine Association has something for everyone! Want to explore hidden treasures, discover the charm, and taste award-winning wines? The Ohio Wine Association has exactly this and what it takes to make great wines!

We recommend that you book your visit soon, as the Ohio Wine Association is having their Wine and Bloom Trail event May 7-9th and 14-16th from noon to 6 pm. Tickets are $55 per couple or $40 per single. This is a self-driving tour along the wine trails of Northeast Ohio. Here, you will have the opportunity to visit participating wineries and receive complimentary appetizers, sample delicious wines, and join in the annual flowering plant to add to your flower garden. If you are unable to attend the Wine and Bloom Trail event in May, in August, there is a Vintage Ohio Wine Festival! This is the premier food and wine event of the year! It takes place on August 6th and 7th from noon-9pm on both days. The list goes on as you will be able to rest in colorful tents, enjoy the picturesque rolling hills, eat tasty food on the picnic tables, watch cooking school demonstrations, listen to live music entertainment, sample wines from Ohio wineries, and much more! 

To read more about Ohio Wine Producers and the fantastic events they have organized, head to their website Ohio Wine Producers. 


Backroads Wine Club

Have you been looking for the best Pinot Noir? Look no further, Backroads Wine Club has Oregon’s best Pinot Noir! No need to worry about all the legwork, as this has already been done for you. These wines are not your typical supermarket shelf wine, they are much deeper than this.

Becoming a member is simple, simply choose the club that feels right for you. It is free to join and you can leave any time you want. Yes, it is a “club” but there are no membership dues, only the cost to ship the wine. Pricing varies depending on the club you join. There are a total of 6 clubs, starting with Whites only and working your way up to Premium Pinot. Whites Only’s half case is $180 every 6 months/ full case $360 every 6 months. Whereas Premium Pinot’s half  case is $420 every 6 months/ full case for $840 every 6 months.

To read more about Backroads Wine Club, visit their website at Backroads Wine Club

Cellar 503 Wine Club

If you love Oregon wine, then this is the club for you! Cellar 503 is a unique wine club that features high-quality yet affordable wines from the different 21 Oregon wine regions.

The story of Cellar 503 began when the Owner Carrie Wynkoop kept finding herself wondering why there was not a single wine to send the amazing items from all across Oregon. Oregon is known for its Pinot Noir, however, Carrie also wanted to share her discoveries of the hidden gems from the little vineyards hidden around the corner on the country roads. She not only hopes to share her discoveries with members but also the stories of both the grape growers and winemakers that share their delicious wine. Wine is a true labor of love, and knowing the stories behind each winemaker’s wine will help you fall in love over and over again. The first step to becoming a member is choosing one of the three clubs to join. With each membership, you will receive a total of two bottles. The most affordable option is White Wine Club, which is $45/month. Next, is Mixed Wine Club where you get to experience a mix of one white and one red wine, which is $50/month. Lastly, is Red Wine Club which is $55/ month. 

To read more about Cellar 503 Wine Club, visit their website at Cellar 503 Wine Club.

Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association

Are you looking for an excuse to travel to Oregon? Have you been wanting to explore somewhere new? The Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association (DHWA) is exactly what you have been looking for! Located only 28 miles southwest of Portland is the Dundee Hills, which is surrounded by 6,490 acres of beautiful land with geology dating back 15 million years ago covering 1,000 feet of basalt except the highest hills.

Formed in 2005 in the efforts to highlight the special relationship between soil, climate, and expressed in extraordinary wines.The DHWA consists of 66 members which consist of vineyards, wineries, restaurants, and much more! They have a commitment to continuing the traditions of overseeing stewardship of the land, the utmost quality artisan winemaking, local foods, and exceptional hospitality.  The Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association is famous in wine circles as being the epicenter of Oregon Pinot Noir. Their winemakers capture the true expression of the region, and offer award winning wines every year. When you plan your trip, be sure to visit their luxurious bed and breakfasts, listen to stories of the winemaking pioneers, and enjoy a delicious dinner. We are sure Dundee Hills will capture your heart from the very first sip and throughout your visit! 

To learn more about Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association, check out their website at Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association.


Texas Hill Country Wineries

Experience the breathtaking and fun wineries of Texas Hill Country Wineries! They proudly serve over one million annual visits at their 50+ unique and picturesque wineries. The wineries are scattered throughout the Hill Country, leaving somewhere new to explore at every turn. Every winery offers their unique personality, style of craftsmanship, however at the same time they share the same commitment of quality, passion, and hospitality. Everyone is invited to join in on the fun, whether it is old friends or newcomers, come experience what only Texas can offer!

Texas Hill Country Wineries offers events year-round: weekly live music, food, and wine pairing dinners, grape stomps, and much more! It does not matter what season you come and visit: wildflower season in the spring, spectacular Christmas light displays during the wintertime, water sports in the summer. There is never a boring moment when you are visiting Texas Hill Country Wineries!


Hagarty on Wine

The Hagarty on Wine is written by John and Jean Hagarty. The two live in Culpeper County Virginia in the very heart of the magnificent Piedmont region. John has been working with Rappahannock Cellars in Huntly for the past 15 years and is in charge of handling all of their outside events. The work includes, but is not limited to hosting wine dinners, Bed and Breakfast, festivals, and much more! John welcomes any inquiries anyone may have about these fabulous activities. He is positive clients will have a tremendous amount of fun while having an educational experience at each of the events.

If you are interested in planning a special wine party event, John will ensure your event is a memorable and educational experience of the world of wine, with a touch of Virginia. In just the past eight years alone, he has managed dozens of events that bring his significant knowledge of wine to support all aspects of the subject. The parties’ venues have an ambiance of the Rappahannock Cellars’  Tasting Room for very affordable prices. The events usually have four or more wines poured by the one and only John. With this, he provides information about the vineyard, cellar production, history of winemaking in Virginia, and much more! At the end of the party, you and your guests will be left relaxed and already planning your next visit. Don’t forget to purchase your wines by the glass or the bottle at the end of your party! 

To learn more about Hagarty on Wine and how to plan your next party, visit their website at Hagarty on Wine.

Virginia Wineries Association

Since 1983, Virginia Wineries Association (VWA) has been serving Virginia Farm Wineries. It is a non-profit trade association that acts on behalf of those in the wine industry. VWA promotes both viticulture and vintner practices while at the same time providing a variety of wine resources and assistance to their members.

A new festival this year is Vintage Virginia, a single-day event held at Bull Run Special Events Center in Centreville. Here members of VWA Gold with breweries, cideries, or distilleries will have the opportunity to participate using their various products. The festival welcomes newbies and foodies to sip on their favorite wines, discover new favorites, purchase bottles and cases to enjoy year-round. There will be two sessions which will be following social distancing guidelines. This is an event you do not want to miss!


Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail

Located only 2 ½ hours from Seattle via the 1-90 interstate, is the real wine country of Rattlesnake Hills. Don’t worry, it is highly unlikely that you will encounter any slithery reptiles, however, you definitely will come across great wines! There are 15 different wineries on the Wine Trail, and there is no doubt you will have an amazing time sipping and relaxing on a nice glass of wine. The tasting rooms vary in aesthetics as there is traditional European, Northwest modern, and everything in between. These are the best wines you will ever taste, and it will be nearly impossible to decide which one is your favorite!

One event that we highly recommend is Chasing Out The Snakes, which occurs every March in celebration of Rattlesnake Hills AVA’s anniversary. The event begins with  St. Gail of Bonair Winery reading the official proclamation followed by a ritual performance of Chasing the Snakes out of the Rattlesnake Hills. All of this is done to demonstrate to their visitors that no snakes will impose in the relaxation of the fine wines. 

To read more about Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail and the exciting events they have to offer, head to their website at Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail. 


American Wine Society

For over 50 years, the American Wine Society has been sharing its passion for wine. It is America’s largest community of wine explorers, as they have 180 chapters, 7,000 members, and 250,000 wines. 

American Wine Society believes the discovery of wine should be fun and a lifelong adventure, which should be shared with others. This is why every event they host is a new opportunity for making friends by sharing a glass of wine; while at the same time learning about the history, culture, and traditions of crafting and drinking wine. Some of the events they offer include National Conferences, Wine Competitions, Commerical Wine Competitions, Amateur Wine Competitions, and travel. Travel? Yes, you heard that right! This spring, you can join the American Wine Society as they will be traveling on a cruise of the Rhine River through the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy! 

To read more about why you should join The American Wine Society, visit their website American Wine Society

The Court of Master Sommeliers

The Court of Master Sommeliers was created in 1977 in the efforts to motivate improved quality of beverage expertise and services within the hotel and restaurant industry. The court prides itself on setting the standard for global excellence in the beverage service industry through its integrity, exceptional knowledge, and humility. Also, by elevating the nature of the beverage service across the hospitality industry beginning with their peerless credentials. 

To become a master sommelier one must pass four examinations, upon completion, the candidate will earn their Master Sommelier title and diploma. Many benefits come from obtaining the diploma and title: being recognized by worldwide hospitality businesses, guaranteeing to possible employers that the candidate is highly qualified in the industry, etc. 

To read more about how you can become a Master Sommelier, head to The Court of Master Sommeliers’ website at The Court of Master Sommeliers

Wine America

Wine America is unique because it is the only national wine industry in the United States. Its organization consists of 500-member strong organizations which inspire to grow and develop American wineries and winegrowing. This is done by the improvement and advocacy of sound public policy.

Wine America works extremely hard to better legislation regulating winemaking, distribution, and sales. They serve in the nation’s capital being the eyes and ears of their members by observing the issues that influence member’s business. Being a member guarantees that America’s 50 states of wine remain fairly in Washington D.C. There are three types of memberships that are offered; winery & vineyard, supplier, and association. 

To see which membership is the best fit for you, and to read more about Wine America, visit their website at Wine America. 

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