Our Social Responsibility

Founder Barbara Maroney strives to inspire young women to break down walls and push boundaries. Barbara is an innovator who is proud to hold the patent for the CorkBoss®. She aspires to support her local community STEM programs. 

When Barbara first saw the preliminary sketch below, she realized her idea was more than just a thought. She urges young women to put their thoughts on paper, outline an action plan, and to not look back. 

Partnering Close to Home-Las Positas College

viticulture process
The CorkBoss® was invented in Livermore, CA which is also the home of the Las Positas College Viticulture and Winery Technology Program.
Barbara has received an Associate of Science Degree in Enology from Las Positas College.  This A.S. degree is rich in fundamentals of wine science, viticulture, winery operations, and the study of wines as a whole. 
Barb looks forward to giving back to the program through guest speaking and student mentorship. 
Barbra enjoyed drawing insights and gaining industry knowledge from David Everett – Faculty & Program Coordinator & John Kinney Ph.D., MS Adjunct Professor – Owner/ Director of Winemaking – Occasio Winery. 


The Bay Area is home to many programs which support young women. Barbara is a 30 year 4-H leader and hopes to join the conversation sparking an interest in innovation within the various STEM opportunities of her local California chapter. 

Empowering Women

A notable group which resonates with Barabara is Women for WineSense. 

Barbara looks forward to future work with industry leading women in support of their mission  to provide educational and relationship building opportunities for wine industry professionals and wine enthusiasts.    Women for WineSense